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Jessica Kelley

Soulless by Ismael Manzano

Jennifer Levac

Penny For My Thoughts

Soulless (Soul Broker Series Book 1)

Amazon reviewer Rabid Reader, wrote, ” The idea of soul brokering in this novel is a fresh and interesting concept, as is the authors idea of “God” and the “devil.” It is an enjoyable book who’s plot draws you in and keeps you reading to the end. I will look forward to reading the next in the series.”

Amazon reviewer Kim Heniadis wrote, “Manzano did a great job of keeping the tension high, and the twists and turns coming. His use of pop culture references throughout the story added a bit of fun to the story, and helped to showcase how TV had become an escape for Charlotte.”

Amazon reviewer Melissa Ann Minners wrote, ” I found Soulless to have an excellent flow to it, keeping me intrigued and wanting more. The plot is interesting and the main character just quirky enough to be likeable, her flaws making her easy to relate to. The first book of the Soul Broker trilogy was a pretty fast and enjoyable read and I, for one, can’t wait to see what’s in store for Charlotte as the story continues.”



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