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Hello everyone.  Just wanted to share a little bit of adorableness with you all.  It appears that my five year old son, Logan wants to write stories too, just like mommy and daddy do.  So in an effort to encourage this, I asked him to tell me a story so I could transcribe it.  What I have below are his free-floating thoughts, written exactly as he said them to me.  If he continues to show an interest in writing, there will be more of these in the future.  If not, well, it made me smile and I hope it does the same for you.

The hunt for the braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain

by Loooooooooogan

Chapter 1

In a planet called, the Truth of the Monsters, an alien named Logan fought four monsters. He lived in the sun because he was a really hot alien. Everyone who lived in the sun was really smart. The monster, however, were green and scary and they also liked to eat brains. They also liked to eat hair. The monsters wanted to eat his brains because they were not smart and he was. They wanted to be smart like him. So Logan, the good guy, tried to protect his brain by fighting the monsters. He fought them with a sword. It was a weak sword because somebody had ripped the armor off of it.

The four monsters looked the same, but they were all dressed in different types of armor. They were called Iron, Mr. Iron, and Mrs. Iron. Those three got destroyed, and one defeated Logan. He was called Bigger Armor, and he grabbed Logan really tight and ate his brain.

But Mr. Fish saved Logan by giving him a know-everything brain that was really a computer that they made in the sun.

The monster who ate his brain was caught by a really good police captain called The Earth Guy and locked up with Logan’s original brain.

But after Bigger Armor was in jail, The Earth Guy found out why Bigger Armor attacked Logan,after he saw what had happened in progress.

Bigger Armor finally said he was sorry and Logan said it was okay after they found out that Bigger Armor was being controlled by Master Armor. Master Armor is Bigger Armor’s brother , but Bigger Armor was the King and Master Armor was furious because he wanted to be the King, and he wanted Bigger Armor to be in jail forever so he made Bigger Armor do all those bad things. But they still didn’t let him be the King. The Kingdom was called the Place of the Power.

The Earth Guy told him that if someone’s in trouble and someone trying to control you, you can eat their brain, so Bigger Armor ate Master Armor’s brain.

Bigger Armor gave Logan back his brain and Logan gave him the know-everything computer brain and they had a dance party.

Then Earth Guy used his mind control power for good and, with Logan and Bigger Armor, saved the whole world, except for bad guys.