Hello wayward traveler.  If you’ve found this page, you’ve either searched my name for god knows what reason or you took a wrong click somewhere along the web and are desperately hoping this isn’t some weirdo’s page.  Either way, welcome.  My name is Ismael Manzano and I’ve set up this page to help promote–of all things–myself, and my upcoming works of fiction.  You see, I’ve recently stumbled across a few strings of very good luck writing wise and I now find myself in need of a platform from which to shout nonsensical things at the internet void (my equivalent of throwing pasta at a wall to see if it sticks).  Congratulations, viewer; you’re the wall against which I will throw the pasta of my mind. Don’t blame me if something sticks to your face.  If you couldn’t tell, this is all new to me, so I hope you’ll bear with me as I endeavor to imitate a professional author. I will keep this first post short but I hope to update as often as possible with my random thoughts as I navigate this new and frightening experience of publishing my first novel.


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